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Chicken Marsala

15 minutes
30 minutes


OZO® Garlic and Herb Chicken Cutlet 1 Pack
Olive oil 1 Tbsp.
Salted butter or vegan butter 2 Tbsp.
Mushroom (sliced) 8 Oz.
Marsala cooking wine ¾ Cup
Garlic (minced) 1 Tbsp.
Fresh thyme ½ Tbsp.
Veggie broth ¾ Cup
Cream or full fat oat milk ¾ Cup
Corn starch (optional) 1 Tsp.
Parsley (roughly chopped) (garnish) 1 Bunch


Step 1
Preheat large skillet over medium flame. Add butter, oil and mushrooms and sauté for 4 to 6 minutes. Next add garlic and thyme, continue to sauté for an additional 1-2 minutes.
Step 2
Once the garlic is aromatic add marsala cooking wine and broth. Bring up to boil and then simmer vigorously for 10-12 minutes.
Step 3
While sauce is simmering, in another skillet cook OZO plant-based chicken cutlets according to skillet directions on package, once cooked shut off heat and set aside.
Step 4
Next, thoroughly stir in ¾ cup of cream into the skillet with wine and broth, once incorporated transfer cooked OZO plant-based chicken cutlets into the skillet and simmer for 8-10 minutes. If using oat milk simmer for additional 2-3 minutes to evaporate the liquid. (Cream is thicker then oat milk, expect the oat milk recipe to be thinner in consistency). If preferred a thicker consistency of sauce, mix 1 tsp. of corn starch with 1 tsp. of water and then mix into the sauce (should thicken up within a few minutes).
Step 5
Transfer to serving dish and garnish with fresh parsley. Serve and enjoy!

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