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BLT Sandwich

Introducing Ozo True BiteTM Bacon

At OZO, we know you love bacon. Sizzling, crispy, delicious bacon. So we created True BiteTM bacon….out of plants. Sizzling, crispy, delicious plant-based bacon.

With our signature flavors, zero cholesterol and over 50% less saturated fat than pork bacon, this bacon will satisfy all your bacon cravings, from morning until night. Bite into one of our three savory flavors including Applewood Smoke, Cracked Black Pepper and Spicy Jalapeño or try them all!

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Have You Tried Our Chicken?

Tender, savory, plant-based shredded chicken in Rotisserie Style and BBQ Sauced.

Juicy, succulent, delicious plant-based chicken cutlets available in Garlic & Herb and Sea Salt & Pepper.

Chicken Packaging


What Is True Bite?

It’s our promise to delight your senses with the look, smell, taste, and texture of the food you know and love through our OZO Good culinary expertise, signature recipes, and our passion for extraordinary plant-based food. Think it’s too good to be true? Bite into it to believe it.

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Our Story

We aspire to bring enjoyment and inspiration to all food lovers through extraordinarily satisfying plant-based foods.

At OZO, we love food and believe that plant-based products should be convenient, accessible, and satisfy all five senses. We use high quality, nutritious, and sustainable ingredients that are good for you and make a positive impact on the environment.

We are a Colorado-based company full of dreamers, creators, and go-getters, passionate about creating the best tasting plant-based products on the market.

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